Attention LSNet Customers

LSNet will stop operations on The Wired Road network starting on Nov. 8th 2018. Customers have been notified, and those who have not already switched may experience service interruptions until they have changed to another provider. Customers are encouraged to contact 1Point Communications or Lingo Networks to sign up for continued service.

Requests For Proposals


Carroll County, Virginia, as a member of the Wired Road Authority (the Authority), is participating in a “Neighborhood Pole Broadband Pilot Project”. The pilot will employ funds provided by the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (the Commission), the Wired Road Authority (the Authority) and Carroll County (the County) to build “neighborhood poles” in the Wired Road Region (specifically, Carroll County, for the purpose of this RFP). Technical details of the neighborhood poles are available under separate cover on the Carroll County, VA Website (www.carrollcountyva.gov) in RFP# WR1012018-1 RFP

RFP# WR1012018-1 RFP


The Wired Road Authority (“The Authority”) is soliciting responses to this Request for Proposals (RFP) from Proposers based on the enclosed requirements and specifications which are to provide all materials, qualified labor, vehicles, tools, and efforts in general to construct neighborhood poles on an as needed basis for the Authority.

See RFP Document for details.


Grayson County, Virginia (“County”) seeks a qualified private partner (“Vendor”) to construct, deploy, maintain, own and operate a “fee-for-service” broadband network to provide Internet Service to underserved areas throughout the County with the goal to serve as many as possible of the more than 5,222 unserved/underserved homes and businesses. Grayson County Board of Supervisors has prioritized expanding Internet access on behalf of residents who lack access to broadband at the FCC’s current definition (25Mbps/3Mbps) which is the majority of Grayson citizens. The County recognizes the challenges of deploying broadband in rural areas and is prepared to financially and politically support a private partner’s deployment of Internet service. The Grayson County Board of Supervisors wants to ensure Internet connectivity is available for their citizens and visitors to facilitate economic growth, education, healthcare and public safety while acknowledging their leadership role in expanding access and improving utilization. This Request for Proposals (RFP) describes, at a high level, the requirements for services related to the desired Broadband Public/Private Partnership.

See RFP document for details.

Building For The Future

On the Wired Road's fiber network there is no speed limit. The upper boundary of fiber capacity has yet to be found--meaning fiber future-proofs the region and ensures we will have the bandwidth our businesses and institutions need for decades to come.

Public Private Partnerships

The Wired Road is a true public/private partnership. Business and residential services on the Wired Road network are offered by private sector service providers. The Wired Road does NOT sell any services to businesses and residents. Customers buy services directly from the private sector service provider of their choice.


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