RFP 170619-01 Wired Road Connector Project Engineering

The Wired Road Authority is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide all engineering services for the construction of an approximately 4.25 mile extension to the existing fiber optic network. The planned extension will connect the Wildwood Commerce park with the Carroll County Industrial Park, connect businesses in the SW Virginia Farmers Market, and connect other businesses and residents along the route. The connection between the two endpoints will provide an ‘all fiber’ connection to all users currently on the Carroll County side of the fiber network. All proposals shall be turned in no later than 4:00 p.m. on July 13th, 2017. Any proposals received after that time will not be accepted.

RFP Document
RFP Mapping

Building For The Future

On the Wired Road's fiber network there is no speed limit. The upper boundary of fiber capacity has yet to be found--meaning fiber future-proofs the region and ensures we will have the bandwidth our businesses and institutions need for decades to come.

Public Private Partnerships

The Wired Road is a true public/private partnership. Business and residential services on the Wired Road network are offered by private sector service providers. The Wired Road does NOT sell any services to businesses and residents. Customers buy services directly from the private sector service provider of their choice.

Advancing Healthcare

The Twin Counties Regional Hospital is already benefiting from a Wired Road connection. The Wired Road fiber network will connect many of the medical offices, clinics, and labs in the community, creating a wide area, high performance network capable of handling even the biggest medical imaging files and data.